Tramadol Side Effects

Tramadol Side EffectsTramadol is a powerful opioid drug that is given to patients who suffer from chronic pain. Because it is so potent, it is important not to take tramadol for minor flare-ups of pain. Tramadol has many potential side effects, and it is not a drug that shouhld be taken casually or recreationally. Unfortunately, because of its soothing effects, some people do take it without having any need for it, but dependency upon this drug is just as dangerous as it would be if it were an illegal substance. Not only do those who ingest it recreationally need to worry about side effects, they will have to face withdrawal if the supply dries up.

Side effects of Tramadol are many and varied, and some are life-threatening. Many of them have to do with digestive issues. For instance, someone who takes Tramadol may suffer from either diarrhea or constipation. Another issue is mental alertness. Those who take Tramadol regularly often find themselves getting drowsy easily. Dizziness is another common issue. Doctors often warn patients who take Tramadol not to drive or operate heavy machinery, particularly if they have drunk alcohol recently. Because of the bad reaction that can occur when these two substances are mixed, it is best to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages altogether while on Tramadol.

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Other side effects that can result from Tramadol use include seizures, headaches, difficulty breathing, sweating, insomnia, itchiness and suicidal thoughts. Many of the side effects that people experience when taking this drug can also present themselves in animals, as this is a drug that veterinarians frequently use on dogs and cats recovering from major surgery and traumatic accidents. It’s best not to administer the drug to pets away from a veterinary setting because it may not be possible for someone who is untrained to pick up on side effect symptoms until it is too late to counteract them. Taking a pet to a professional will ensure proper monitoring, and any bad reactions can be dealt with quickly.

Many of these side effects may also present in those who have become addicted to Tramadol and now are going through withdrawal. While the drug can be very useful to those whose chronic pain is severe enough to merit it, no one should take Tramadol casually. Given the risks involved, it is important to only take this drug if it is something that a doctor has readily approved.

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